yamin-mohamed-matys.jpgWhat started out only as a dream, turned into a reality in 2006, when Yasmin Mohamed founded MATYS.

MATYS is South Africa's industry leader in wall vinyl installations and print. MATYS is a company that is committed to a culture of innovation and change. 

To cater to the growing trends of a dynamic market, MATYS saw a clear need and developed a new brand of high quality wall vinyl.

This new wall vinyl offers a richer and more colourful image, with a longer lifespan. Unlike imported vinyl wallpaper, which is only made up of 70% PVC, MATYS' groundbreaking wall vinyl is made up of 100% PVC, rising above it's competitors, as the best in the industry. 

Our core strength is the 12+ years of accumulated Wall Design, Wall Art, and Wallpaper Expertise.

We are a 100% Female owned Company that understands the unique challenges of South Africa and the African continent.

The company provides much needed black skills in line with the Black Economic Empowerment regulatory and legislative framework as well as the South African Government's Reconstruction and Development Policy.

MATYS also engages specialist partners with correct skills set to provide our client base with a holistic solution, where applicable.

Yasmin Mohamed
Founder & Director