From the animation design, the screen, to the projector, it's all supplied to meet the client's individual needs.

Looking for a quality digital projector to use in your theatrical production, for a movie backdrop, for a business presentation, at your party, wedding, or for anything else?

Embracing the digital revolution and clients' future needs, Matys developed "Rear Projection". With the advances in LUMIS, Liquid Use Marketing Info System, advertising space comes to life, taking marketing to a whole new level.

Rear Projection means that the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting straight forward towards the audience, eliminating any shadows cast over the screen by the audience or presenter.

There is a wide range of acrylic diffusion screens for every Rear Projection application. Unlike any other screen, it is an advanced optical substrate, enabling control over the projected image more efficiently.

This portable, dynamic marketing tool captures the attention of the audience and can be used for window and outdoor applications. There's no limit to the shape and size of the specialized Rear Projection either, thus offering great versatility. Unlike the limits of a TV screen, the projection can also be done on a variety of surfaces.

With the LUMIS product, Rear Projection is taken to the next level. The LUMIS product ensures perfect image uniformity, with superior contrast resolution. It offers up to 10 times the brightness than standard projection, and wide viewing angles with no critical angle of projection


MATYS' Rear Projection Rental Services are ideal for:

  • DVD Video Projection
  • Meetings
  • Business Presentations
  • Large Venue Projections
  • Short-Throw Projects
  • Film/Movie Projections - indoors and outdoors
  • Event Video Projections